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Research Samples


Research Samples


Summer 2015. Hess Winery Case Study.                    Work: Bluleadz (Agency) & Business Impact (Client)

How This Renown Winery Found Its Data Solution

The Hess Collection hit a brick wall when it realized simple tasks were taking hours to complete due to disjointed databases. After implementing the most appropriate business intelligence (BI) software, the company's data specialists were now able to access, organize and build pertinent information — eventually leading to the company's most profitable years. This case study details Hess's data journey and its relationship with its BI consultant.

Spec Kmart Campaign Plan Book: "Reconsider Surprises"

In order to revamp a retail company whose prime has passed, one must consider unconventional methods to resuscitate the brand. Using key course concepts, in-depth research and creative collaboration, my group created a year-long campaign plan for Kmart with the goal of bringing the company back to the retail forefront.  

Fall 2015. Campaign Plan.                         Coursework: Advertising Foundations

Smart Manufacturing Made Plain

As a copywriter, one of my most intensive and technical projects involved composing an eBook that demystified Smart Manufacturing (SM) — what industry experts consider to be the next Industrial Revolution. Achieving the goal of explaining SM in layman's terms for the audience of small manufacturers required several interviews with high-ranking academics, industry thought leaders and manufacturing executives. 



Summer/Fall 2015. Smart Manufacturing eBook.         Work: Bluleadz (Agency) & CMTC (Client)