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Writing Samples

                   Writing Samples


Summer 2012. Opinion Article.                       InternshipRESPECT. Magazine

Where Hip-Hop Meets Fatherhood

What I love most about rap music is its ability to articulate many of urban life's complexities within a rigid musical framework. Fatherhood, a rarely touched-upon topic in the genre, was the focal point for the rapper Nas in his single "Daughters." Using his signature poetic brevity, Nas addressed his vulnerabilities and shortcomings as a father while challenging hip-hop's portrayal of masculinity. I express that his honesty and self-awareness is healthy for the culture and opens the door for varying narratives that are told through song.

Smart Manufacturing Made Plain

As a copywriter, one of my most intensive and technical projects involved composing an eBook that demystified Smart Manufacturing (SM) — what industry experts consider to be the next Industrial Revolution. Achieving the goal of explaining SM in layman's terms for the audience of small manufacturers required several interviews with high-ranking academics, industry thought leaders and manufacturing executives. 

Summer 2015. Smart Manufacturing eBook.         Work: Bluleadz (Agency) & CMTC (Client)


Fall 2016. Campaign Plan for Local Organization.     Coursework: Campaigns for Social Change

Promoting Progress in Chicago's South Side

Attempting to reinvigorate the neighborhood that was once considered the "Black Metropolis" requires a unique set of tools. Investments, political relationships and strong community organizing are just the beginning. With the help of two group members and a willing local organization, a campaign plan was written, complete with strategies and tactics, with the goal of promoting social and economic self-determination for Bronzeville. 

How & Why Multicultural Marketing Falls Short


Spring 2017. Research Article Review.                   Coursework: Research Methods

America's changing racial demographics have caused multicultural marketing to become a priority for communication professionals. However, despite the increase in its practice, the quality of multicultural marketing is underwhelming. Curious about this disconnect, two researchers conducted a college study and found that business majors were the least culturally competent. My review of this research article summarizes the findings, implications and how the study informs effective multicultural marketing.